BRANDRIGHT - Be apart of a good cause
BRANDRIGHT - Be apart of a good cause
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Why use our reusable PP Plastic bottles?

1) Reduce waste with our reusable water bottles

Each year 50 million water bottles are used, and from that only 23% are recycled and
17 million barrels of oil use to make one use bottles. You do the math! Even if more people tried to recycle as many one use plastic bottles in the NZ to be broken down to be reused if possible and uncontaminated most are still left to degrade into oceans and soil.


With our bottles you can save on one use bottles. If you find you bottle to be damaged it can go straight into the recycling bin and be eligible for recycling to be reused again.


Did you know recycling and making stainless steel bottles requires way more energy, material, water and creates more Co2 because of the higher melting point then PP plastic bottles.
You would have to use you stainless approximately 50 times before the impact per serving of water to be the same as a PP Plastic reusable bottle.

Producing 300-gram of stainless steel for bottles requires seven times as much fossil fuel, releases 14 times more greenhouse gases then PP Plastic.

2) Protect your health by staying away from BPA in one use water bottles.
Many studies show that one use plastic bottles which is made of
Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) a common plastic type used in many household and food products, which gradually leaks a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) into the foods and liquids that are stored in containers when constantly reused.
The chemicals released by these plastics can alter hormones and have other potential health effects. Animals are also affected by the chemicals and can be permanently injured or die as a result of the poison.

Our reusable bottles are made of Polypropylene (PP) Which is 100% BPA free, free of any
carcinogenic and because of its high heat tolerance, it is unlikely to leach anything even when exposed to warm or hot water. PP plastics are used in most healthcare products and instruments and proven 100% safe for humans for life time use.